Hot Cocoa made with Valrhona Cocoa Powder
Feb 28, 2024
It’s good to have strategies and ingredients on hand to make the most of short days and long cold nights, and you may be surprised to discover how much better an excellent hot cocoa is than hot chocolate mix.
Spice Quality Matters
Feb 26, 2024
Why should you buy high-quality spices online when you can seemingly buy a packet of spices anywhere groceries are sold? Producers like Diaspora Co, Burlap & Barrel and Épices de Cru not only source the freshest and most flavourful spices for your cooking, but they are also working to make the world a better place.
Valrhona Dulcey feves, Valrhona cocoa powder and heart-shaped Chocolate Love Letter Cookies with Crispearl decorations
Feb 12, 2024
There’s “eating” chocolate, and there’s “baking chocolate”, and it’s good to have a stash of each. But the world of chocolate available to professional chefs is where these categories seriously overlap, and giving consumers easy access to these ingredients was one of the first things we at Flavourfull were determined to do.