Local Delivery

Delivery on local orders over $100 is FREE! AlwaysOT make our GTA deliveries M-F within 24 hrs of ordering. Yes it costs $9.99 but you would have spent that in time/parking/gas tracking these items down.

Rest of Canada

We use Canada Post and other couriers for deliveries further afield. You should have a variety of shipping estimates at check-out. We aim to get your goods to you as reasonably as possible!


We don't have a bricks & mortar location, but if you're near Woodbine & Danforth put PICK UP in the promo box and email us to set up a time.

Real Talk About Shipping

We are an online store, so shipping is an essential part of our business, and we really wish it was free but the truth is - IT ISN'T. When our suppliers ship to us we pay for it. We buy boxes and packing material (and reuse materials when we can), and then a courier company uses people and vehicles to get that box to you. None of that is free. Box box companies roll the shipping cost into the products they sell, but when you are selling grocery items this just doesn't make sense. We have intentionally kept the prices on our products the same as local stores so that we can get the good stuff to you as reasonably as possible. And yes, that means paying shipping - though we are now testing out free local shipping for orders over $100. We hope that encourages some new people to give us a try :)