Welcome to Flavourfull! We make shopping for great international pantry goods easy...

the things on your list they don't carry at the big box stores, the cult favourite sauces and spices worth paying extra for, and the professional-quality baking ingredients you can't find in reasonable quantities. Come for the Diamond Crystal Kosher salt and discover a new flavourfull obsession or two while you're here. We'll deliver them right to your door so you'll have more time to play in your kitchen... so much better than hunting for parking.

Noodles and Fly by Jing Chili Crisp in a bowl, photo by Maya Visnyei

Flavourbombs aka Sauces & Condiments

These international ingredients are the easiest way to transform an ordinary meal into something delicious.
Flavourfull artisan buttery shortbread, photo by Maya Visnyei

Cookies Are Always the Answer

Our seasonal flavours of small batch buttery shortbread cookies use special spices and ingredients. A great gift to yourself or your "other" favourite people.
Epices de Cru spices, tonka beans, aleppo pepper, photo by Maya Visnyei

The Spices You've Been Looking For

If you're curious what fresh, carefully sourced, better quality spices can do for your cooking you've come to the right place.

We Have Great Taste

We've put in the time cooking and eating and reading and shopping to make informed decisions. And we're eager to help you make them too. We've started by carrying the hard-to-find pantry goods we love, but will be trying and adding new products (like this gorgeous and delicious cake mix from Glazed Cake Co) as we go. Please keep coming back or drop us a line and let us know what you're trying to find.