Hurraw! Lip Balm

Lip balm is not food.. but like it or not we do eat it. So if you, like us, are picky about flavours and textures... well lets just say this is the lip balm for you. Super moisturizing, smooth, never gritty, made transparently with organic, vegan and raw ingredients, and dare we say "delicious?" These are the balms and the "flavours" we reach for all year round. 

Coconut Mint and Lemongrass is so much better than plain mint, a hint of the tropics. Cardamom Almond Rose is nutty and lightly sweet - like a guilt-free pastry. The Sun lip balm has a faint creamsicle flavour and is just honestly the best SPF lip balm we've tried - it's slightly thicker, goes on a shade opaque and has good lasting power. And the Moon lip balm has a mild camomile flavour, but is extra thick and rich -  perfect to put on before bed or just use all winter long.