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Centre & Main Chocolate Bars

Centre & Main Chocolate bars are the ones you'll want to keep in your secret stash. Chocolatier Angela Roest makes delicious, beautiful, ethically-sourced, award-winning chocolate bars in her shop in Warkworth Ontario. She has so many outstanding and creative flavour combinations that it was hard to narrow them down to just a few. She has even won us over to the white chocolate side (in her hands it's balanced, delicious and the perfect canvas for so many flavours). We have picked a selection of bars that will change somewhat with the seasons. Try them all and let us know your favourites!

Tea & Toast is a caramelized white chocolate bar infused with darjeeling tea and the delightful crunch of well toasted local bread. 

Mint Cookie rides the line between a milk and dark chocolate with the addition of crunchy dark cookie crumbs and a lively whiff of peppermint. A Girl Guide thin mint cookie turned into a delightful bar.

Pistachio & Newfoundland Sea Salt is made with finely ground pistachios, a creamy white chocolate, a good portion of sea salt and puffed brown rice.

Turmeric & Cinnamon starts with Diaspora Co's excellent turmeric and adds a hefty punch of cinnamon to white chocolate - it's like sunshine caught in a bar (and may even be good for us!)

Toffee & Potato Chip adds house-made buttery toffee bits and the crunch and salt of our favourite snack to milk chocolate to great effect.

Gingerbread is a milk chocolate bar infused with fragrant triple ginger cake.

Turkish Coffee is a gold-medal winning milk chocolate bar with finely ground locally-roasted coffee and a hint of cardamom.  A cup of coffee in chocolate form.

Black Current is a dark chocolate bar with the fruitiness of a single origin chocolate but in this case the flavour comes from the excellent crop of a local farm.