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Flavourfull is a Toronto-based online store and the brainchild of recipe developer and food stylist Eshun Mott. Eshun has worked as a professional cook, recipe tester and developer, cookbook author, magazine food editor and food stylist, and long ago she worked selling cookbooks at the Cookbook Store. Lots of time working in food media and spent scouring stores across the city for ingredients for international recipes and photo shoots has made Eshun the go-to person for questions on recipes, product information and where to find unusual things.

Somewhere along the way shop-keeping became a secret obsession and back-pocket plan, and this store is her first foray into that world. Because if it's time-consuming to find a wide-range of great specialty pantry items in Toronto, for sure they are even harder to find elsewhere in the country.

Flavourfull is borne of decades of experience in the food world, a place to share the "good stuff" we know and love with those who don't have the time or energy to track them down. Let us share something delicious.